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Will the Battle to Require GMO Labeling Begin and End in California?

Monsanto and other pesticide and biotech giants have invested heavily to thwart proposed California legislation to require mandatory labeling of foods containing genetically modified ingredients. Proposition 37 asserts that we the citizens have the right to know if our food has been genetically engineered.

Predictably, opponents of the bill claim that if passed, it will increase food costs without positively impacting the safety of the food supply. However, the results of a recent two year French study –the first ever conducted to examine the LIFELONG effects of exposure to GMO corn on rats – sent shock waves through the scientific community.

Rather than stopping the study at 90 days as all previous studies had done (curious isn’t it?), the French scientists discovered that beginning at 120 days of exposure, the rats developed massive tumors , organ damage, and progressive illness leading to early death.

Most European countries have already mandated clear labeling of GMO foods, but as usual, corporate interests in the U.S. have so far outpaced the interests of Americans. Ground zero in the battle for your right to choose not to serve your family frankenfoods is in California.

If Prop 37 is accepted and GMO ingredient disclosure is required in California, food companies will face a tough PR challenge by not extending GMO label disclosure to other states. Therefore, a win in California leads to a win for all of us.

If the measure is defeated in California, where else can we hope to do better? The answer is nowhere. We will likely be cursed with hidden GMO’s for the foreseeable future… and based upon the French study results, a scary and tragic future indeed.

What Can You Do?

Make sure that this issue is not buried within your realms of influence… especially if you have any contacts who can vote or influence a vote in California in the upcoming election. To learn more about Prop 37 and how you can support it, click here .


Action Alert: Dietary Supplements Targeted With More Unnecessary Regulations

Take Action
Ask Your Senators to Oppose Senator Durbin’s Amendment
Unnecessary new regulations on this industry are not needed.

Senator Durbin (D-Ill.) has introduced an amendment to the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act (S. 3187) that would impose needless regulation on the dietary supplement industry. The Natural Products Association (NPA) asks you to contact your senators and ask them to vote no on Durbin Amendment 2127. The amendment would add the following to the current registration requirements for dietary supplement manufacturers: (1) a description of each dietary supplement product manufactured by the facility, (2) a list of all ingredients in each dietary supplement product, and (3) a copy of the label and labeling for each product. These facilities would also be required to submit additional registration if the facility begins manufacturing a new product or a reformulated product, or ceases producing a product for which the facility previously submitted a registration.

Senator Durbin’s amendment adds layers of unnecessary bureaucracy, without addressing the real problem. NPA believes that the FDA has the necessary authority to regulate dietary supplements. However, the FDA has not received adequate funding to execute these powers properly. These expanded requirements would overwhelm the FDA and would not further FDA’s mission to protect the public health.

Please take a moment and email your senators and ask them to OPPOSE Durbin Amendment 2127.

To go to the NPA website and take action, Click Here.

Holiday Shoppers Beware: Those Receipts May Be Deadly!

thermal receipt This most excellent advice comes from Dr. Al Sears who has a great newsletter:

I guess I’m supposed to get excited about all the holiday shopping going on and the deals you can get on days like Black Friday. But to me it just means it takes longer to get the same things done. The lines, the crowds… and the discounts don’t thrill me. I’d rather be somewhere else.

So I really don’t think of Black Friday as a good thing. I think it’s named appropriately.But if you do go shopping, there’s something you should know about your health.

I’m talking about the little slip of paper you tuck into your pocket or purse every time you buy anything. From gas to all those Christmas presents you’re getting for all your friends and family this week.

That receipt is most likely covered with bisphenol A (BPA) – the cancer-causing, estrogen-mimicking chemical.

Paper receipts are coated with BPA to get the ink from the receipt printer to develop on the paper. Problem is, BPA doesn’t stay on the receipt, making it easy to be absorbed by anyone handling the paper.

What’s worse is that a new study found that BPA transfers readily from receipts to skin and can penetrate the skin to such a depth that it cannot be washed off.1

BPA is dangerous, even in small amounts. Studies show that it may cause cancers, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and more.

Nearly every modern register uses this kind of paper. And every one of those receipts, according to new research, contains from 250 to 1,000 times more BPA than a plastic water bottle or soda can lining. Several states, and Canada and Europe, have banned using BPA in some of those kinds of products.

Two other new studies looked at how much of the BPA from each receipt gets from your skin into your bloodstream.

One looked at 15 different types of paper products. including thermal receipts, flyers, magazines, tickets, mailing envelopes, newspapers, food contact papers, food cartons, airplane boarding passes, luggage tags, printing papers, business cards, napkins, paper towels, and toilet paper, collected from several cities around the world.

Thermal papers accounted for 98% of the BPA you are exposed to.

The second study says that you absorb as much as 60% of the BPA you get on your skin.2 Fortunately, there are some good ways to avoid taking in BPA while you’re doing your seasonal shopping.

First, the easiest way to avoid getting BPA on your hands is to decline getting a receipt. If you don’t need a receipt, leave it and ask the cashier not to print it if possible. For many small purchases and unless you’re purchasing something you may want to take back, you probably don’t need one anyway.

Second, shop at stores that don’t have thermal printers that use BPA. The Environmental Working Group’s research shows that some of the stores that use BPA-containing receipts in at least some outlets include McDonald’s, CVS, KFC, Whole Foods, Wal-Mart, Safeway and the U.S. Postal Service.  Receipts from some major chains including Target, Starbucks and Bank of America ATMs issued receipts that were BPA-free or contained only trace amounts.3

Third, handle your receipts as little as possible, and make sure you wash your hands the right way when you get home. Washing your hands is one of the quickest, safest, easiest and most overlooked things you can do to protect your health on many levels. Unfortunately, few of us do it properly. Keep these three things in mind:

1.    You don’t need a special soap. Expensive antibacterial soap is a waste of money and can contain toxic chemicals. Same goes for hand sanitizers.

Ordinary, plain, unscented soap is the best. It kills just as many microbes and bacteria as antibacterial soap. A U.S. FDA advisory committee found that use of antibacterial soaps provides no benefits over plain soap and water.4
2.    Your choice of hot or cold water makes no difference. For comfort, I like warm water.
3.    The length of time washing your hands is important. Twenty seconds is the optimum length – that’s about the time it takes to sing the “Happy Birthday” song – twice.
4.    Make sure you rinse the soap off your hands with running water and dry them well – preferably on a disposable paper towel.



1. Biedermann, S., Tschudin, P., Grob, K. "Transfer of bisphenol A from thermal printer paper to the skin." Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. Volume 398, Number 1, 571-576.
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Is Your Tap Water Medicated?

tap water Check out this video from my cherished friend, Dr. Chris Meletis:

Sneak Attack on Supplements: FDA and Senator Durbin Use Slow News Day to Launch

ANH-USA logo

Sneak Attack on Supplements: FDA and Senator Durbin Use Slow News Day to Launch

Today, both the FDA and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) dropped policy “bombs” on those of us who use dietary supplements. It is no mere coincidence that both were released on the Friday before a holiday weekend. By timing the introduction of their anti-supplement legislation and regulatory guidance this way, the FDA and Sen. Durbin are both hoping to evade negative publicity. We think it is better to keep American citizens fully informed, and with your help, we will get the word out. Please send this communication far and wide.

First, the FDA has issued draft guidance for complying with the New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) notification protocols contained by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). As you may recall, DSHEA said that supplements already on sale prior to the passage of the act were "grandfathered" in, and did not have to be reviewed by the FDA. New supplements developed after the Act have been in a kind of limbo waiting for the FDA to spell out the procedures to be followed.

These new supplements have always been at risk because of the uncertainly surrounding their regulatory status. And many of these new supplements are extremely important for our health. We won’t name them, because to do would be to put a bull’s-eye on them for the FDA to shoot at, but you would recognize many of them and may be currently taking them.

DSHEA was passed in 1994. The FDA has thus taken seventeen years to provide regulatory guidance for these new supplements. Now a draft version of guidance is here, and it isn’t good. It is just another effort by the FDA to suffocate the supplement industry so that everything—supplements and drugs alike—will go through the vastly expensive drug approval process, a process that pays for FDA salaries.

We have said it before and we will say it again. Supplements cannot usually be patented. No non-patentable substance can be taken through a drug approval process that on average costs a billion dollars. If supplements are treated like drugs, there simply won’t be any supplements. The FDA knows this perfectly well.

The new draft guidance is written in the usual regulatory non-English, but buried within it are definitions of "new supplements" that will make more and more supplements subject to the new rules. The rules themselves are designed to make it harder and harder to market new supplements, all of which will need to submit notification to an agency that is fundamentally hostile to the supplement industry. Not only does each supplement require its own notification, a separate notification must be submitted by each company that offers it. Additionally, notification must be submitted again if the supplement is reformulated in any way or offered in combination with any other supplement or ingredient. Based on what the FDA has done in the past, many more applications will be rejected than accepted and the cost of the whole process will be high.

The FDA is required to give us 90 days to comment on their proposed guidance. Our experts are busy analyzing the proposal in all its detail and we will report on it again and provide an Action Alert in our next newsletter right after the holiday. We already know this needs to be stopped. With your help we will do everything we can to change it. Your ability to use supplements not already documented as having been on the market under the same exact name and formulation prior to 1994 will depend on it.

As we mentioned above, Sen. Durbin’s much-feared Dietary Supplement Labeling Act of 2011 (S.1310) has been formally introduced in Congress. The language is not available online yet, but the draft procured by ANH-USA yesterday reaffirmed the analysis we sent you earlier this week. Look for our in-depth article and Action Alert on S.1310 in our newsletter on Tuesday, July 5th!

New Studies Show Cell Phone Radiation Damages DNA, Brain, and Sperm

Danger Radiation Risk The evidence just keeps piling up and it does not look good, especially for children and adolescents with heavy cell phone use.  Show this to your kids and have them limit their phone time to a minimum.  In my opinion, texting is much safer than talking, but we were clearly not designed or intended to deal with this kind of non-ionizing radiation exposure.

Read the article HERE and remember wise King Solomon’s words:

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death” (Proverbs 14:12)

Researcher Calling for Immediate Moratorium on GMO Deregulation– Reveals Emergence of Deadly New Pathogen

It appearsthat the use of Roundup via genetically engineered crops is resulting in the emergence of a deadly new micro-fungal organism that is said to be causing widespread spontaneous abortions among cattle.   According to Don M. Huber, a former Emeritus Professor at Purdue University and highly respected ex-military pathogen researcher, this previously unknown organism is able to reproduce and is incredibly small – roughly equivalent in size to a virus.

Huber wrote an urgent letter to the USDA identifying the threat and warning them that this novel pathogen is appearing in high concentrations even among non-GMO crops that are “managed” through the use of glyphosate (Roundup) for weed control. It is apparently being found in high concentrations in Roundup Ready soybean meal and corn, distillers meal, fermentation feed products, pig stomach contents, and pig and cattle placentas.

Dr. Huber’s letter called for an immediate moratorium on the deregulation of Roundup Ready crops “until the causal/ predisposing relationship with glyphosate and/or RR plants can be ruled out as a threat to crop and animal production and human health.”

It is rare indeed (and very unsettling) to find a pathogen that appears to promote diseases in both plants and mammals. This is only one of a number of “surprises” that genetic modification has unleashed upon us, and it is likely the tip of the iceberg.

Is it any wonder that we are witnessing the emergence of a growing epidemic of strange diseases like Morgellons, in which sufferers are being invaded by soil and plant based pathogens?  Genetically engineered bioagents, once released, take on a life of their own… whether they are weaponized against microbes, insects or man.

Wake up world!  We are all exposed.

Those who would not be susceptible must do the same thing as those who have already been compromised: support their bioterrain, restore their digestive and detox systems, and fuel their cellular energy systems. This is the vision and purpose of the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol.

Man’s inferior wisdom may be creating things that are outside of God’s original design for us, but God’s infinite wisdom is built into all of creation. The tools we need to thrive are available if we have eyes to see and ears to hear, but we must look in the right place.

Read the full story here, which includes a copy of Dr. Huber’s letter:

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