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How Have Supplements Helped You?

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of seeing one media outlet and government agency after another claiming supplements have no benefit. We know differently because not only have we seen the benefits in our own lives, but we see incredible life transformation taking place on a daily basis in the lives of Logos Nutritionals customers.

What about you? Let us hear how supplements have helped you. In the comments below, please share your stories with us and other readers of Super Natural Health. Then share them with everyone you can via Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The powers that be are hard at work spreading false propaganda about supplements. Let your voice be heard and share the truth about the incredible value of supplements and natural medicines.



First Anniversary on Entire Wellness Protocol – Hope Isn’t a One Time Deal

From Mel Friedman’s website:

melman raft Hiya All,

Welcome as always.

Saturday, August 21st is the second anniversary of the inception of the protocol that has restored my health as outlined on the protocol page of my website. It also marks one full year of my being on the entire Burgstiner Wellness Protocol from Logos Nutritionals.

I have been symptom free since December 2009 and off all Morgellons related medications for for a little more than nine months now.  If someone would have told me two years ago that I would be rafting down the Truckee River twice in a five week period of time, I would have found them difficult to believe.

The fact that I sustained a minor back injury between the two rafting trips makes it a little more difficult for even me to comprehend.  Rafting down the Truckee was something that I had not done in the first nine years that I have lived here in Reno. Now, I have gone down two separate parts of the river… the second even more beautiful than the first, as we started high atop Lake Tahoe at Tahoe city.

As you gently float down the river from Tahoe City to Truckee, you are in awe of winding through the mountains.  The beauty is incomprehensible.  During my five hour trip, many times I found my mind wandering to all of you who are caught up in the nightmare of Morgellons disease, and looking forward to the day when many of you will be joining me on a trip such as this.

As I have often said, never, never give up Hope. My back is a little sore and my knees are a little stiff, but according to my doctor, Shannon Zamboni MD, I am “The Picture of Health”.

Now I would like to thank the folks from A2Z, a very special thanks to my doctor Shannon Zamboni as well as John Burgstiner for enduring along with me my struggle of many years against Morgellons.

God Bless You All.  Never, Never Give up Hope.


Liver Enzymes Returned to Normal!


My name is Lee and I live in Alabama. Six years ago I had a friend diagnosed with Hep C. I told him about your product and after 6 months on CTF and Interferon treatment, he had a complete remission from Hep C! He met others receiving treatment from Hep C who claimed that your Thymic formula made the difference between those gaining remission and those that relapsed with Hep C!!! So, he became a real believer in Complete Thymic Formula.

At that time, I had Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease. I couldn’t even walk and catch my breath. So, I, too, started taking your product. Over three years later, now, I can breathe without using an inhaler! I actually walk at least two miles a day. What a difference!

Two years ago another friend of mine was diagnosed with Hep C. His liver enzymes were extremely high. Because of a history of depression he could not tolerate the Interferon/Ribaviron and was told he couldn’t receive it because it was contraindicated because of his suicidal depression.

He had no hope until I told him of your formula. He began taking the CTF and within 3 months his liver enzymes returned to normal!!! This was WITHOUT any traditional medical treatment! Now he is working full time and is in good health on your product alone.

I am so grateful that you have made this available. Also I really appreciate Jill who takes the phone orders (and who offers her love and support to the callers). I always receive my order in a day or two. Y’all know how much we depend on your product for our better health!!!

— Lee Jones, Alabama

Hepatitis C Testimony by Kathy Robb


Here are my thoughts and feelings about the Complete Thymic Formula.

When diagnosed with Hep C in 1997, I was devastated, and knew that I was more tired than I should be at age 56. A co-worker told me about Thymic Formula. Her husband had been taking it for a couple of years, and was feeling better, with increased energy and stamina. He also has Hep C.

In 1999, upon hearing about Thymic Formula from Carmen, I decided to order a bottle. I took them to my doctor, and he read all the information about the supplement and felt that it was  very healthy.

Thus, 10 years later, I am still on Thymic Formula (went through the interferon/riboviran treatment successfully) and I have been clear of the Hep C for 7 years. I started taking the Thymic Formula about 8 months before going on treatment, and I feel that it truly boosted my immune system and keep me feeling positive. One of the difficulties of Hep C, in addition to the feeling of being tired all the time, is the depression that can accompany this virus.

I was so fortunate that my 6 month regime of interferon/riboviran (old style, 3 shots a week, 5 pills a day) was so much more gentle than I expected. I attribute that to these important factors: exercise (and down to walking each day when I became more tired during the treatment), drinking half my weight in ounces of water each day, having a positive belief that I would do my best to clear this virus, my personal faith and beliefs, and the good eating habits I developed. And, very important… the Thymic Formula…

I believe that it truly has boosted my immune system tremendously and that my mental outlook has always remained positive, even when I was tired and feeling weak. I only missed 4 days of work during this treatment regime, and I believe the combination of the above truly helped me go through this challenging period in my life in a "gentle" manner. Yes, I had side affects, but they were also gentle.

I do know that some people will still have very serious side affects, even when practicing all I have done… I do not profess that all I did during treatment will guarantee "gentle" side affects for all… but, it should make them less severe.

The good news is, since I completed treatment, the number of people who are clearing Hep C with the new pegalated interferon (and other similar interferon treatments) are on the rise… approximately 50%-80% now clear Hep C with treatment, depending on one’s Genotype. For more information on Genotype for Hep C, go to the Hep C website (there are several).

Thank you for your time in reading my long testimony, but I truly do believe that taking Complete Thymic Formula was one of the very important factors in my tolerating the treatment so well, and preparing my immune system and body for the treatment… thus for me, clearing the virus.

Most Sincerely,

Kathy Robb,
San Diego, CA

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