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“One Less ‘Yes’ For Gardasil”

“One Less ‘Yes’ For Gardasil” is an investigative story about the dangers of the Gardasil STD vaccine. It was originally published Nov. 2009 in American Life League’s Celebrate Life national magazine.  Written by Lisa Bastion of Bastion Public Relations, this article won a Gold Award in the prestigious 2011 Hermes Creative Awards Competition

“I’m extremely honored to receive this prestigious award”, said Bastian.  “There is ample evidence that Gardasil can be very dangerous for girls as well as for boys, and not enough parents are aware of its risks. I hope the fact I have won this Hermes Gold Award will encourage others to do their own research – and ultimately just say “NO” to getting vaccinated with Gardasil or a similar drug marketed aggressively worldwide.”

That is precisely why I am sharing this valuable information with you:

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