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Fungal Infection – A Common Threat Underlying Morgellons and Other Chronic Illnesses

According to a recent case study on Morgellons Disease, one common disease factor found in Morgellons patients is fungal infection.  Fungal infection places a constant burden on the immune system and the body’s detoxification pathways… which may in part explain why Morgellons patients so often end up with various multiple infections and parasitic infestations. 

It is difficult to say whether yeast overgrowth is a causal factor or a symptom of rapidly emerging  illnesses like Morgellons, but either way, it seems a wise course of action to control yeast infection and fungal overgrowth in the body.  Fungal infection is being implicated more and more in a number of degenerative illnesses including thyroid disorders, obesity, IBS and cancer.

In order to respond to this emerging threat, Logos Nutritionals just announced the release of a new cutting edge antifungal formula called Candida Rid.  Candida Rid is a comprehensive blend of antifungal herbs and nutrients that is designed to lower the body’s level of yeast and other unwanted pathogens. 

Some natural practitioners estimate that 70-80% of Americans are struggling with candidiasis yeast infection or some form of fungal overgrowth.  Logos’ Candida Cleanse Protocol includes Candida Rid and Liver CS Plus (for detox support) along with probiotics and digestive enzymes to restore digestion. L- Glutamine is included to help curb sweet cravings and restore the lining of the gut.

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