Posted here is positive feedback from satisfied Logos customers (either posted by you or transferred here from the Logos site). Positive news about anything is getting to be rare these days, so we decided to provide a place where encouraging information can be found and shared.

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  1. Posted by Peter on November 21, 2013 at 11:03 pm

    Two years ago I became sick and was soon ravaged with the co-infection and immune compromising disease known as Morgellons. I was experiencing chronic fatique and severe joint pain and I had even fallen down three times. I was slurring my speech, had open skin lesions on my arms and legs, and I was clearly losing the ability to function normally. After 17 months on the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol, I have seen a definitive and measurable turn around and captured my life back. My skin lesions have healed and my neurological stability has returned to normal. If there ever was a miricle in my life, it is the impact that Logos Nutritionals delivered. God Bless you John!



  2. Posted by Steven Gibbons on October 15, 2010 at 7:23 pm

    I was diagnosed with chronic HepC in Nov. 2008. I have tried many herbal and natural cures and have been progressively getting better. I have not taken nor will I ever take interferon.

    I was just recently directed to Logos Nutritionals and have had a few email conversations with John.

    I am so amazed how God works in the lives of His children and how much He cares for us. I will be getting on the wellness protocol very very soon and will post my progress.


    • Posted by Terry Thomas on October 29, 2010 at 9:30 pm

      I was diagnosed with hep c-the worst kind, in 1998. The majority of my liver wasdestroyed already. I was so bad they refusedo treat me and told me my viral count was sp high I should have less than 6 months to live. I fough for a few years for treament and finally gave up on te U of M and Drs. I decided God , Thymic formula and I were ging to change the odds. six months later my viral count was low enough to get the Interferon and riboviron TX, 3 months later it was gone. I finished out the year- with out ill effects. That was in about 2000. My body is still virus cleared, When I use theThymic fomula and the Liver formula I still feel much better. If you have Hep C you should try it..it worked for me an I’m still around to prove it, Terry Tomas RN, MSA and Hep C survivor…no Hep. C Killer.


  3. Posted by Lynda on September 18, 2010 at 2:19 am

    I was impressed that John took the time to personally call me in regard to an email I wrote asking if the wellness protocol would help with my painful fibromyalgia, or if he knew of any supplements that would build my immune system up. We chatted for a long time, and at the end of our conversation he prayed for me, and I thought, what a wonderful Christian man I’ve just met!!
    Like I said, VERY impressive!!!
    I ordered the wellness protocol that afternoon and am waiting to recieve it. I will definitely write my own testimony after I’ve been on it and/or when I *hopefully* feel better physically. I have FAITH that this protocol will enhance my health.
    Thank You John!!!
    Lynda Johnson
    Kirkland, WA


  4. From the Logos website:

    “I felt better from the first day of starting the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol. I felt so relaxed and calm. My stomach had been a train wreck with constant cramping and diarrhea. I tried 2 other probiotics before Logos and they were not a ‘fraction as good’ as your Essential Flora. Within 2 days, the cramping and diarrhea stopped and I had normal function. These Supplements REALLY ‘DO’ work!!! They ARE the BEST!!!!!”

    Laurie C. – Port Huron MI


  5. From the Logos Site:

    “I was having hot flashes and night sweats. I tossed and turned all night and woke up feeling like I had not been to bed. Then I found out about Eve’s Harmony from Logos and what a difference! Now I have more energy, and I can sleep with good peace of mind knowing that it is all natural… NO SIDE EFFECTS!”
    Lynette K. – Social Circle GA


  6. From the Logos Site:

    “I am truly impressed with your company’s long-standing commitment to high quality products, wellness, and optimum performance. Thanks to you and your team at Logos Nutritionals for providing resources that help people be their best.”

    Helene S.



    From the Logos Site:

    My name is Lee and I live in Alabama. Six years ago I had a friend diagnosed with Hep C. I told him about your product and after 6 months on CTF and Interferon treatment, he had a complete remission from Hep C! He met others receiving treatment from Hep C who claimed that your Thymic formula made the difference between those gaining remission and those that relapsed with Hep C!!! So, he became a real believer in Complete Thymic Formula.

    At that time, I had Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease. I couldn’t even walk and catch my breath. So, I, too, started taking your product. Over three years later, now, I can breathe without using an inhaler! I actually walk at least two miles a day. What a difference!

    Two years ago another friend of mine was diagnosed with Hep C. His liver enzymes were extremely high. Because of a history of depression he could not tolerate the Interferon/Ribaviron and was told he couldn’t receive it because it was contraindicated because of his suicidal depression.

    He had no hope until I told him of your formula. He began taking the CTF and within 3 months his liver enzymes returned to normal!!! This was WITHOUT any traditional medical treatment! Now he is working full time and is in good health on your product alone.

    I am so grateful that you have made this available. Also I really appreciate Jill who takes the phone orders (and who offers her love and support to the callers). I always receive my order in a day or two. Y’all know how much we depend on your product for our better health!!!

    — Lee Jones, Alabama



    From the Logos site:

    I am a 38-year-old female that has been dealing with over the past years these well-known conditions: Candida Yeast since I was 24, Asthma & Allergy, diagnosed at 8 years old, and Gastrointestinal Problems since 1987 (which includes lactose intolerance, constipation, total imbalance of the intestinal tract).

    Asthma, allergy specialist, Ob-GYN specialist, and my Chiropractor have seen me. The closest of this specialist that has helped me in the conditions mentioned above was my Chiropractor (whom I still see on a monthly basis).

    Then I discovered Dr. Burgstiner’s products through the Internet. Since I placed my first order back in May 2001, all of my conditions have subsided. Especially the Candida Yeast which is the most uncomfortable state to be in. I have spent hours upon hours of research for all the diseases mentioned above.

    Since I discovered Dr. Burgstiner’s treatments through the internet, I have had 2 mild colds which lasted only 2 days. Not even once used my Asthma & Allergy medications.

    This is truly a God send treatment for us all for any condition that ails us. Thank you again for giving me back control of my life.

    — Cherry Hill



    From the Logos site:

    I have experienced energy and endurance like I have not seen for years. I totally believe that by using all the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol products my body is receiving a perfect blend of nutrients when they are needed. I am 44 years old, and I have not felt this well in decades. My wife has shown the same results, and we make sure our 4 children take at least 2 Thymic Formula tablets a day.

    We have shared this formula with family and friends, and the reports are consistent. Energy levels are increased, and we have had reports of reduced bloating, better digestion, and increased regularity.

    My wife and I have researched herbal remedies, and believe that these herbs where created by God to keep people healthy. However, it is difficult to determine what you need and when you need it.

    I totally, and sincerely believe that Dr. Burgstiner has created the perfect blend.

    Thank you!

    — Rob


  10. From the Logos site:

    It is absolutely amazing how The Burgstiner Wellness Protocol nourishes me. My overall health and well- being has greatly improved since I began the protocol. My immune system is boosted as well as my energy level. I can now sleep well. Skin legions are healing.

    Thank you Logos Nutritionals for ”Bringing Hope To Life” for me, and continuing Dr. Carson Burgstiner’s legacy.


    R. Brown


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