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Building Strong Immunity in the Last Days

athletic womanMaintaining a strong and balanced immune system has always been critical to the survival and success of mankind, but never more so than today. We live in a world in which our God-given dominion has been progressively compromised. Our soil nutrients have been largely stripped and replaced with synthetic chemical isolates. Our genetically modified food supply has been contaminated with pesticides, antibiotics and hormones.

Here in what is presumed to be the most modern and advanced of all civilizations, we have abandoned the wholesome foods provided by our creator for the convenience and excito-toxin enhanced taste of fast foods and ”man-ufactured” or processed foods. Unlike any generation before us, our bodies are constantly being bombarded with chronic low level chemical toxicity, electromagnetic and radiological exposures, and systematic poisoning from pharmaceutical and other government subsidized industries.

Living in the information age with nonstop accessibility to and from a virtually unlimited circle of people and influences greatly adds to our stress level – further compromising immunity. The constant, instantaneous demands on our lives leave us with no down time and all too often, little time or energy left for our most important relationships.

It is no wonder that America is sick and tired of being sick and tired!

What Can We Do?

Faced with these diverse challenges, what can we do to bolster our natural defenses and strengthen our cellular energy systems? As individuals, our daily choices determine the degree to which we avoid some of these exposures. Through the Apostle Paul, God gave us some really good advice when he warned us to “be not conformed to the patterns of this world (Romans 12:1). We can reject the Standard American Diet of processed and fast foods that is responsible for the U.S. leading the world in degenerative illness.

The supplements that make up the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol are designed to partially offset some of the unavoidable exposures by:

· Promoting Detoxification Pathways (Liver CS Plus and Essential Digestion)

· Controlling Inflammation (Essential Omegas and MagnifiCal), and

· Strengthening and Balancing Immunity (Complete Thymic Formula and Essential Flora)

These nutrients are foundational to health; none more so than probiotics. The importance of beneficial bacteria in the gut has finally reached the mainstream consciousness, but unfortunately, most of the products being mass marketed today (it seems they are everywhere now) lack the potency and/or coverage to have an appreciable impact.

The GI tract holds the vast majority of our immune cells, and it is there that the ongoing  battle for our health is won or lost.  Therefore, every person who wants to maximize their health and minimize their risk for illness should be taking a broad spectrum, high potency probiotic like Essential Flora.

Absolutely foundational… and probably the most important supplement that we offer for such a time as this.


Why Do Fluoride and Chlorine Still Poison Our Municipal Water Quality?

The fact that fluoride and chlorine by products are still poisoning our municipal water quality is a modern travesty of epic proportions. The following article from Dr. Tom Termotto’s blog is an eye opening discussion of the indisputable facts behind the systematic  poisoning of our water supply with fluoride, chlorine and other toxins, and the onerous price that we the people are paying for it.     Read More

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